America’s Favorite Meat


Americans eat more than 85 pounds of poultry per year.

  • Chicken is more widely consumed than any other meat.
  • Consumers love the taste and practicality; it marries well with a variety of flavors, cooking methods and recipes.
  • Chicken is an affordable protein—much less expensive than beef.*
  • For health conscious individuals, chicken is high in protein; low in calories; rich in essential vitamins like iron, zinc and vitamin B; and low in fat and cholesterol.


Chicken can be paired with many seasonings and spices including marinades, breadings and rubs to accommodate a variety of menus from upscale to down-home and ethnic cuisines from across the globe.

It can be used as a main entree, in sandwiches, salads, snacks and appetizers and is suitable for serving anytime of day hot or cold.

Preportioned, value-added options allow for complete portion cost control and fully cooked varieties reduce preparation time.

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