Corporate Responsibility

Koch Foods is fully committed to the ethical and humane treatment of our live poultry, responsible use and treatment of our planet's resources and safety of the food products we produce.


We have a shared commitment to sustainability, both locally and globally. Koch Foods believes that sustainability and our business success are not only compatible, but are inextricably linked; by embracing both, we will be better prepared to meet the world's food supply needs today and in the future. Our sustainability mandate includes balancing and integrating;

  • Global Awareness
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Stewardship of our lands and renewable resources
  • Strong corporate and social citizenship
  • Humane and ethical treatment of the animals in our care

Sustainability in Action
Koch Foods' sustainability program includes many critical components of our business:

  • Product packaging efficiencies and reduction
  • Process water efficiencies and conservation
  • Energy use and carbon footprint reduction
  • Waste recycling and management
  • Transportation
  • Community involvement
  • Supplier selection